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I’m Ben Radford, the founder of Peak Ski Adventures and I will set out below why you will love skiing with us and how we can ensure you achieve the most from your skiing experience. Skiing is a dynamic sport with changing snow conditions, terrain and weather all playing a part in making each day different. It is important to have a tool kit of skills to enable you to adapt easily to what you are facing and to enjoy the experience of skiing with freedom in all conditions and terrain. We provide  Ski Lessons, Ski coaching we also have ski & snowboard school.


We focus on the key skills required to enjoy the whole mountain. Building a repertoire of these skills enables us to pick and choose when we need different techniques to ski something. We cannot ski a beautifully groomed red piste the same way as a hard packed off-piste route. But with slight adjustments and a flexible approach we can ski everywhere both fluidly and with enjoyment. Ski coaching,  Ski Lessons

Skiing is made up of several variants that when combined correctly create that smooth and silky skier that you see on the mountain and wonder how they look like that.  


Different skills include:

  • Understanding the balance point on the skis;

  • Creating the right angles using our ankles, knees, hips and upper body;

  • When and where we press on the ski;

  • Recovery adjustments when things go wrong - it happens!

  • Outside ski dominance;

  • Turn shapes and sizes;

  • Speed to make it all easier. 

Couple Skinig
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