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Lots of Snow


At Peak Ski Adventures, we offer high-quality and professional skiing lessons at our school. Explore what we can offer you today.


In our guiding sessions we look to explore the vast array of skiing that the 3 Valleés has to offer. Not all of this has to be scary and steep and plenty is available for the first time off-piste skier. Ski Lessons, ski and snowboard school, ski coaching. Included in your off-piste sessions are tips to dealing with the different types of snow and terrain that we encounter and what to look out for to anticipate changing conditions.


Please ask when you enquire if you would like to learn about how to use avalanche safety equipment from simple ‘have a go’ searches to multiple searches on difficult aspects with feedback on how to handle the situation. Getting familiar with equipment and having a go will take up to 30 minutes. A more thorough session geared towards building confidence in searches would be a minimum of an hour.  

Snow-covered trees


Ski Resort


  • What are the charges of a professional local Ski Guide?
    Peak Ski Adventures offers both half-day as well as a full-day Ski Guiding at a very reasonable rate. A full day would cost you £470 and for a half-day the charge would be £240.
  • Where can I get professional local Ski Guide in Les Menuires?
    If you are looking for a professional local Ski Guide in Les Menuires, then you could not find a better companion for your needs than Peak Ski Adventures. If you are an intermediate skier or up then Peak Ski Adventures will equip you with skills to take on all the mountain.


As a professional Ski Instructor, I have become well-known and respected throughout the greater Altitude area. Contact us today on 07725 082954.

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